In attendance: Lea F., Julia M., Ian J., Suzi C., Meghan J.

@MIT: Eesh B., Mallory, R.

Absent: Genevieve, Ben

  • Open house
    1. BIG - 2-3 minutes to talk at the breakfast
    2. Polls - continue to serve beer and wine, traditional setup with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and another table with only non-alcoholic beverages
      1. Lea will send out a message to the student body this week
    3. Questions from Kris
      1. Eesh and Julia will meet students at hotel
      2. Eesh will lead the campus tour, and Suzi will help
      3. Need to check whether it will be joint with eaps or not (pretty sure it is not joint)
      4. Eesh will present MIT housing information and Julia will present the WHOI housing information
    4. Social activities
      1. We will not be able to rent the pool tables, but Grumpy’s expects that they should be available
      2. Julia will have a variety of drinks and games/activities at her house
    5. We should coordinate umbrellas if it is raining during the open house
    6. ~30 prospective students will attend the open house
    7. Student lunches - PO will have pizza; other departments will have Lea coordinate with the buttery
  • Photo board
    1. Each department rep should get photos from the students in their department
    2. Try to get the photos prior to open house
  • Grub hub at MIT
    1. Eesh created an enterprise account under the jp student reps email, which comes directly out of the JP reps account
    2. Kris was involved in the creation
    3. Future food orders at MIT can thus be streamlined
  • Steinbach scholars
    1. CO, G&G and AOP&E have steinbach scholars
      1. Chemisty will be either July 22-26 or July 28-August 2
      2. Claudia Benitez-Nelson has accepted the offer
    2. AOPE has just sent out invitation
    3. Christopher Jackson has accepted G&G invitation, no dates yet
  • Video conferencing seminars
    1. Chemistry seminars live streams seminars when there is interest
    2. AOP&E seminars will likely utilize the video conferencing capabilities in Smith (keep Julia Westwater and Lea in the loop)
  • MBL graduate students
    1. 4 graduate students are currently based at MBL
    2. There was a request for events to integrate MBL and WHOI graduate students by Ann Tarrant
      1. Invite them to current activities (social hours or Jelly talks)
      2. Cory Berger will be the liaison for integration
      3. There a couple PIs who could contribute funding to integration
    3. Invite the student to the social hour March 14
    4. We will include them on events in which there is no cap on the number of people and when it would not increase the overall cost
  • Dishwasher has arrived
    1. Ian will test the dishwasher and will send receipts to Kris